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Lelouch Lamperouge [userpic]

V-Day Letter to Minako Aino

February 15th, 2009 (09:01 pm)
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Dear Minako,

Firstly, I’d like to thank you again for… for everything. For seeking me out even when I haven’t reached out to you. I’m…. not fond of admitting I need someone, but both those times, I did, and you were there for me, so thank you. If you ever need me, likewise, please don’t feel as stubborn as I when it comes to asking for help—the least I can do is return the favor.

I’d also like to apologize for the tension I’ve caused between yourself and Hino-san. I… I cannot say I regret the action itself, though I regret its consequences. I know how important she is to you and if there’s anything I can do to make amends with her, I would very much like to. I have been thinking, and I think the only way for all of us to work this out would be for all of us to talk openly together about this. If you are not comfortable with this, I understand completely, as I do not expect this to be easy or quick or painless, but for the sake of everyone involved, I think it best we get everything out in the open that we’ve been holding back.

All that said… I really and genuinely hope you have a happy Valentines Day. You, of all people, deserve one.

-Lelouch Lamperouge

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Lelouch Lamperouge [userpic]

V-Day Letter to Rei Hino

February 15th, 2009 (08:24 pm)
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Dear Hino-san,
First of all, again, thank you for coming to try to help Kallen, and for blessing her. It meant a great deal to me. Again, I am sorry you had to see that.

That said… I owe you an apology, and an explanation. I won’t presume that giving either on a letter will suffice, but at least part of the explanation I can and will provide now. You may recall, some time back, that C.C. made an entry in the journals, singing softly. She had a vision, as many others had. It was of my death. You may also recall a recorded entry in which I was talking to a “Rolo”. It recorded what I said while I was having my vision… That vision was myself seeing Nunnally’s death, or what I can only presume was such.

C.C. claims that Nunnally was present at my death. She may or may not be telling the truth. Regardless, these… visions could be manifestations of the visionary’s greatest hopes, or, in both these cases, greatest fears. That may be all they are. Or they may be true. They may be the future. There is no evidence of such… but it is a feeling I cannot shake, even now, that should my sister and I return, one of us, at least, will be fated to die in the near future.

I understand that you are upset with me, and, while I will not state my defense here and now, I will tell you that was never my intent. If you will allow such, I would like to meet with you and Minako, the three of us together to try and work everything out, for everyone’s sake.

And, of course, for whatever it may be worth to you, Happy Valentines Day, Hino-san.

-Lelouch Lamperouge

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Lelouch Lamperouge [userpic]

(no subject)

March 29th, 2008 (03:15 am)

NAME: Suzu_no_hito / Trap
PERSONAL LJ: suzu_no_hito
EMAIL/MESSENGER(S):email: knightfall@sbcglobal.net, AIM: Emrys the Gbane

NAME: Lelouch Lamperouge
FANDOM: Code Geass
TIMELINE PERIOD: At the end of episode 25, after the gunshots are fired.
BACKGROUND: There was, once upon a time, a boy prince, named Lelouch Vi Brittania, one of the many, many children of the Emperor of Britannia, an empire which spanned nearly a third of the world. A precocious and perhaps even arrogant boy, Lelouch's world changed at the age of 10, when his mother was assassinated and his full blood sister, Nunnally, was left blind and robbed of the use of her legs. Enraged as his father did nothing to seek those who would harm his mother and sister, Lelouche finally brazenly declared that he would never again depend on his father.

Stripped of his status as prince, with his sister likewise, he vanished from sight for many a year...

Seven years later, a brilliant Brittanian student at Ashford Academy high school, Lelouche Lamperouge, had a chance encounter with a mysterious, green-haired girl named C.C., who offered him great power, though at a price. Agreeing, Lelouche was granted the power of the Geass, and, with this, he began his rebellion, seeking both to uncover the mysteries surrounding his mother's death, and to create a world in which his sister may live safely, where the weak are not tyrannized by the strong.

His brilliant tactical mind, natural charisma, and the raw power of the Geass made him formidable indeed, and his alliance with C.C. made him yet more so. However, soon, to protect his identity, Lelouche developed an secret identity, that of the masked rebel Zero. Though he suffered some losses in his quest for vengeance against the Brittanian Empire, his battle was likewise not without victories, allowing him to kill both his half-brother Clovis, and his half-sister Euphemia, though the latter though a grave accident.

Finally, executing his coup, Lelouche was on the very cusp of victory before his world began to fall apart, everything that could have gone wrong in his plan happening, every unaccounted for variable proving averse to his plans, but, most threatening of all, his helpless sister was stolen away from him, away from his coup, forcing him to abandon his troops to save the one person for whom he did everything for. Upon reaching her captor, Lelouche was forced into a showdown with his childhood best friend and Zero's worst enemy, Suzaku Kururugi. Each with a gun pointed at the other, the fate of both young men, of Nunnally, of perhaps all of Japan depended all on this one last moment...

THIRD PERSON: It wasn't until he heard Nunnally's voice that he really began to feel it. Not, of course, that he hadn't felt it before. But... it was different. He could never be Zero, not with Nunally. In the end, they both came down to the fact that Zero was different. It wasn't just putting on a mask, for Lulu. It was... it was a shifting of priorities. Zero the revolutionary had very different goals, subordinate though they ultimately were to Lulu's, from Lelouche's. And so, though Zero, perhaps, regretted the necessary death of an equal and a kind heart, Lulu mourned for a lost sister, for the one person that understood him best, including his faults, his sins... and still loved him.

He felt a dull throbbing in his chest. He loved Nunally dearly, but he couldn't let that blind him. She was innocent, perhaps, but... she would be horrified by her brother's deeds to protect her, to secure a new world for her. She could never know the truth.

Euphie knew the truth, and loved him all the same. And... for that, for everything, he could not help but love her in a way that made this all almost unbearable. For he loved her... and he destroyed her.

He would become Zero again in a few minutes, he knew. It would be easy, too easy, almost, to hide away from the pain, immerse himself in his plots and stratagems again. After all, he was past the point of no return. How could he stop now, having sacrificed-- though he had not meant to-- as much as he had? There was no forgiveness left for him.

But that mask, that terrible, awful, wonderful mask could wait a few minutes.

For now, he grieved.

NOTES: Lelouch is a genius strategist, capable of outsmarting and outmaneuvering the most experienced and skillful of Britannia's military leaders stationed in Area 11 with almost offensive ease. He is also, however, quite physically weak. His endurance and strength are those of an average young Britannian who engages in no regular exercise or physical regimen, and despite his intelligence, his genius is of little use when faced with direct, personal Knightmare-less combat.

Additionally his power, the Geass (an extremely detailed power, the function and rules of which can be found here.) has been affected by the power-dampening nature of Rivelata. For the most part suppressed, at least at the beginning, the Geass now activates randomly, independent of Lelouche's will. The duration of the commands lasts five minutes at most, and if the action is fundamentally opposed to everything the target wants and believes, the target will be able to resist submitting to the command. (Euphemia, for instance, would be able to resist an order to kill anyone, given her extremely kind and pacifistic nature; however, military soldiers order to kill themselves, would not resist.)

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